Monday, May 21, 2012

I love birds, but those Swallows........

"Oh, Mommy!  Look!  There are birds flying all through the front porch.  I think they are building a nest.  Yea.....we're going to have baby birds - we're going to have baby birds!  Can we keep them???"

I peered out the window and there they were the busy little things.  Flitting in and out.  

Day 1 - Cute.  Good educational activity for the boys.

Day 2 - Oh my gosh, where did all of this mud sliding down my pretty white column come from???

Day 3 - Stepped in bird "you know what" while going out to water the ferns and there was even MORE mud!

Day 3 1/2  (afternoon in carpool coming home)
      "Boys, we have a mission when we get home.  Do you accept the mission??"

      "Does it involve getting dirty?"

      "Why actually it does.  Here's the deal.  I'm getting the ladder out and seeing if these little boogers have laid eggs yet.  If they have, that's fine.  I'll clean around them.  BUT if no eggs - they are getting cleaned out!"

      I think I heard an "Eyre Matey" from the backseat..............

Note:  Looking back, I wish I had taken "before" photos of the lovely mess that this couple had made.

So, for over an hour, we scrubbed the entire front porch - ceiling to floor.  They whole time the "cute couple" kept swooping us.......annoyed.........I think I heard a bad word or two........from them.  

I thought to myself - they're just going to come right back and we'll have to do this all over again.  

OH NO - we will not lose!!!  Son!  Go to the playroom and grab the dinosaurs...............

Dinosaurs?  Really?  Dinosaurs.........

The tired troops retreated after battle, changed clothes, grabbed a cool glass of water and pulled the blinds up in the dining room.

"Grab a chair kids!"  The entertainment was funny.  The swooped in and out, squawking at these plastic dinosaurs for the rest of the afternoon.  They were MAD!

"Mommy, don't they know that they are not real and that their feet say "Made in China?"

"No, honey...........they're swallows.........."

Hope the UPS man doesn't look up the next time he delivers a package.  Might think I'm weird!!

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