Monday, June 11, 2012

Wheat Harvest

My love affair with my wheat has ended for the year.
I have watched it grow for months from my rocking chair on my front porch with coffee in hand.
Small and green at first - then, with time, it turned a beautiful golden yellow.
I always think of the movie "The Outsiders"...."Nothing stays golden forever Pony Boy!" 

here comes hubby with our youngest son - his "helper" / combine companion.

My older son and I sat on the front porch snapping photos and got a great surprise....
two HUGE jackrabbits sprinting out of the wheat when the combine was getting close. 
"Oh, look at the cute bunnies" he exclaimed.
"Honey - they had no "bunny" about them - they were huge.  Bigger than the cats!"

Unloading and off to the grain bin.

The sky was gorgeous that day.  The clouds almost looked fake. 

Good time to sit and be still - and know how blessed we are. 

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