Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Home Organizer Binder

I started this about two years ago and am SO glad I did.
  It is the one place I put my "important" papers so I can easily find them. 
 You can make one for your home very easily.  

I keep mine here.

Next to my kitchen sink I have my most favorite cabinet
It is the only one in my kitchen with glass doors
so for that - its my favorite

In in, I have my cookbooks and other binders:

Home Organizer
Cleaning Binder
Menu Planner Binder
Christmas Binder

Yes, I love office supplies too (can you tell?)

Today I'll walk you through making a Home Organizer Binder.

You'll need:
1. Three ring binder (I use 1 1/2 inch, but you decide on how much
paperwork will go in your's for your size.)

2. Subject dividers (I like the plastic ones with the pockets)

3. one pack looseleaf paper

4. Sheet protectors

Optional: a label maker

OK, let's get started.

In the front on mine, before any dividers I have several things in sheet protectors:

  • current school calendar
  • county dump / recycling hours
  • library hours / storytimes
  • credit report contact numbers (I'll get to that in a later post)

These papers I refer to often - whatever you refer to often should be put here.
For example:

  • Babysitter lists and numbers
  • stores / businesses you call frequently
  • you could put your address book info here
  • monthly list of birthdays and anniversarys
You get the idea

Side note on birthday / anniversary cards:
In January and July, I make a list of upcoming Bdays and anniversaries
for the next six months.
I go to the store with this list.  Usually buy several sympathy,
baby shower, blank generic cards as well.
When I get home, I put the person's name on a post it note
then stick it to the card.
I have a decorative box I got from Hobby Lobby that I store
all of my cards / stationary in and put them in there.
When I see on the calendar that someone's Bday is coming up,
simply go to the box, find their card and send it off.
Easy enough!
And I love only going card shopping twice a year and
also the fact that I don't have to run out last minute to
get one!

The first divider I have is "Kid Activities"

In the divider pocket, I have our chore charts for the fridge
Each Saturday night, we pay our oldest his allowance
and change his chore chart (which he fills with stickers)
FYI: $4.00 for taking out trash, organizing recycling,
food and water cats, bringing laundry baskets to mudroom when asked.
Pretty good deal, considering my allowance was a buck!  But
that was in the 70's - boy, am I dating myself??

In the Kid section I put any interesting craft ideas.
I just tear out of a magazine and punch holes in it or slide
it in a sheet protector, then pass along the
magazine to a friend or recycle.
I am a BIG magazine "sharer" by the way!!
Any info sheets about art / craft / sport activities in our community.

Mapquest directions to several out of town activities (so I don't have
to look them up again and again).

Carseat regulations for the growing kids

Educational website print outs / receipts that we order from frequently.

My second divider is "School"
  • bookstore hours / receipts from purchased uniforms
  • supply lists for current class
  • tuition price listing
  • standard testing results from each grade
  • AR reading test results from the end of the year
  • directory of classroom kids info

My third divider is "Projects" - my favorite

When I see a photo I like, I tear it out and punch holes
in it or slide it in a sheet protector and in the binder it goes. 
I don't have it organized like someplaces I've seen
by rooms / paints / furniture / craft ideas
It just all goes in this divider.
This is the "someday" that would be cool
to do/ make/ have/ buy, etc.....

My fourth divider is "Yard"

In this is guides on plant and tree care.
Composting ideas.
The care sheet from our deck finishing stain.
The care booklets from our Cracker Barrel rocking chairs - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
Birdhouse ideas and suet recipes
landscaping ideas (again torn from magazines)
maintance list dates

My fifth divider is "Take Out Menus"

This one is pretty self-explanatory!

The last divider is "Trip Ideas"

This includes just "hubby and me" trips
as well as with the kids.
Again (from magazines) or websites.

This binder is a great place when you see something and it
triggers your mind, "That would be great for....."
It gives you an easy accesible place to put those
things - keep it organized and eases your mind.

I'm a strong believer in lists and things like that.
The best way to simplify your life is to ease your mind
and to ease your mind is to write stuff down or put something
where you can easily find it again.
The more your mind has to remember, the more stressed you will feel.

I printed out a cute "cover sheet" with a photo of hubby and the boys
and labeled it Alison's Home Organizer.
Pick a cute photo / pattern / color scheme
so you'll smile and feel good when you get it out! 
Its all about the simply things.....

Put it in a central place so its easily accessible
and start using it. 
You'll love it!!!


  1. Making mine today! I need a how to for your Menu Planner Binder too, any chance you'll post that???

    1. Krishell,

      You asked and here it is:

      Would love any feedback you have. Take care.

  2. LOVE the idea of buying cards in advance! I'll keep this in mind!

    1. Jenny,

      It really does make it easier. No last minute running out for a card. Take a look at your calendar / birthday list and jot down who needs a birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc...and always pick up a couple of blank ones, sympathy, baby, etc... Nice to have a good stock at home so it is simple for you to write a quick note and send it off!! Let me know how it works for you.

      Alison :)

  3. This is motivating to re-do mine. About 10 years ago I created one of these and it was awesome to have it all in one place.

  4. I love this! I started my binder last year and I love it! It helps me stay so organized and on top of things. I have a HMB link up on my blog and I'd love to have you link up, if you'd like.

    Blessings from Zagreb: A Little R & R:

  5. I love mine I redid mine from an old coupon binder and left over school supplies



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