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Hello. My name is Alison. 

I am a wife and mother to two young boys who takes her job as a home manager very seriously.
 We live on a farm that has been in my husband's family since 1855. 

I was a RN until my youngest was born.  Now my full time job is a stay at home mommy (with the emphasis on "staying at home")  I hate being on the road all of the time.  I thrive on an easy pace on life, enjoying nature and the slowness of "growing" children.  With living on a farm, we have the blessing of having wonderful teaching moments right outside our door. 
We only have these little ones for a short season to instill so much into them.  

I love to organize, label, clean and manage a smooth running household.
That brings peace, stability and routine into a family. 

My motto:
.  If you no longer love it, need it or want it - out it goes!

I enjoy cooking and finding fresh "treasures" from our garden.

I really don't like TV and secretly would love to cancel our subscription. 
 I struggle with the amount of time the boys spend on video games / Wii / computer.  
I try to fill our days with books, nature and the "good stuff" in life.
All of the above is easier said than done with so much influence from the outside world. 
It seemed easier growing up in the 70's.  

I also enjoy reading (alone or with my boys) and we frequent the library quite a bit.

I also try to fit in scrap booking - my guilty pleasure!

I hope you enjoy your time here "At The End Of The Drive"
 because that is where our lives take place.

I would love to hear from you, please contact me at:  AlisonsDrive@aol.com

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