Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time to freshen up those bathroom cabinets!

Purge, purge, purge!!!

Check those expiration dates.
Combine half open boxes (of course of the same product)
Be ruthless.
Do I really need four of ...............?
Pass along or throw out!  

OK - now, let's get started.

I found these cute baskets with liners at Target.  I also found the black clips on their dollar racks, but unfortunately for my shelving, they were too large.  I'll save those for another project.  I finally used double sided tape which turned out great.  

My all time favorite organizing helper - my Scotch Thermal Laminator.

While purging, group your items into "like" groups.

Mine were:

Q-tips & Dixie Cups
Shaving Needs
Deodorant, Contacts, Nail care
NyQuil, Cough, Sore Throat
Head cold, Tummy, Mouth pain, Muscles

By looking at this photo, you may think that we are sick all of the time!  Actually, I just stock up when a good deal comes around and I have a coupon.

Note:  while you have everything pulled out and laying on the counter, give those shelves a good cleaning.  I also have liners on my shelves to help if anything decides to leak.

I chose scrapbooking cardstock that would compliment my bathroom wall color then printed off the labels. I also used scrapbooking oval cutters and laminated them so they would hold up better.

Here are my cabinet on the right side of my vanity:

The bottom shelf I saved for my perfumes and cup holder.  Smaller items that are frequently used.

Here is the left side of cabinets:

My "hair" products still need improving.  I think once I use them up, I will purchase a Lazy Susan and just keep my current stock there.

 On the bottom shelf, we have an outlet built into the back to charge our hair clippers (extra guards are in that lime green container).  My make-up is in the basket on the left.  I'm keeping my eyes open for something first, large enough to hold my makeup and second, small enough to fit into the shelf and thirdly - of course, must be cute!

Would love to hear your freshening up projects you are doing at your house! 


  1. great job! I am in need of a laminator! it's on my list

  2. Kelli,
    This laminator is AWESOME. I have seen it posted on many blogs and it always had great comments. It's on sale on Amazon for $30.24 this morning. Just wanted to pass that along. I use it for so many things. Very good quality.

  3. Okay my house is next right ? I just love how easy it is to understand your post. I get "blogger" ADD sometimes with over complicated posts. Found your blog over at WLW blog hop !
    Great post !



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