Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Evening on the Farm

Yesterday evening was wonderful.

Hubby came home early (still taking it slow), we all had dinner and
then headed over to one of our fields and let the boys
complain about being hot
play amongst the hay bales.

It was over 100 degrees
and those pesky mosquitoes.

After ten minutes of playing "camera mom"
and yelling politely requesting my boys to smile,
I was ready to get back inside with the AC.

Still, it was good to step back, slow down and enjoy.

Enjoy that my husband is home and healthy.

Enjoy that I am able to stay at home with the boys.

Enjoy that school is almost here and soon
the house will be quieter with no fighting.

OK, I'm a bad mom for even thinking that
but I know some of you out there are thinking
the same thing!

But yes,
only 8 more days of summer until school starts.

So glad I had my "organizing game on" and got all of
the school supplies and uniforms done before our month
of July went on a roller coaster ride.

I was one of those crazy mom's walking
around Staples in June with my little list :)

Today, hubby and I head back to the hospital
he just spent a week at to have a follow up

As Willy says, "On the road again......"


  1. Hi Ive come to take a peek of your Blog from Clover Lane! I love her blog! What wonderful things youve said in yout Blog! I can relate...
    Janet from Singingwoods

    1. Janet,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Sarah at Clover Lane is a dear.

      Hope to have you back again soon.
      Take care.



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