Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kid's Sensory Play Boxes

How cool are these???

I made these early last year (2010) and they have been
one of the most played with toys in the house!

Sensory Boxes

One is "Construction":

I bought an underneath the bed storage box -  
low enough for the boys to lean over while sitting on the floor,
but big enough for the BOTH OF THEM to play at one time.

I found brown smooth river rocks at the Dollar Store
for $1.00 a bag - I think I bought eleven or twelve.

With us having two boys and living on the farm,
we had enough trucks / tractors / diggers / etc....

So really it costed me about $12.00 for rocks
and $7.00 for the container.

This box has been the scene of many different "events":
Star Wars guys have invaded
LEGO houses have been moved in
Lincoln Log forts appeared
Multiple plastic animals have been seen grazing....and chasing the vehicles!

Pretty good for less than $20.00 !!!!

Here is our "Ocean Box"

Again, I got an underneath bed storage box ( $7.00)

I went to the pet store and got two large bags
of aquarium rocks. 
Think they were $10.00 a piece - I got two bags, probably
could have gotten away with just one - but didn't know at the time.
Also, found several seaweed and coral items on their sale rack ($4.00)

Then went to Michaels (with my 40% off coupon - of course).
Bought a "sea-life" and a "boat" pack of plastic figurines.
I think $11.00.
Then on the way out, my oldest son spotted a bag of vase rocks
that were white, teal and blue on the clearance rack ($0.75)!
Yes, he must be learning from me :)

I added several bath toys we had: sharks, crabs, fish, etc...

Again, this place has seen some action!

Tractors and LEGO men have been seen pirating ships!
The fish get booted over to the carpet and the tractors have a "blue rock quarry".
There have been rulers made into bridges so turtles could escape the scary sharks.

This is one busy box!!

It did cost more than the construction box (about $43.00)
but it has been well worth it - I think it's their favorite.

The boys play for hours!

I love watching them and seeing what they come up with.
Give me something that makes them use their imagination any day
over a video game!!

Can't decide on the next box theme......
any suggestions?????


  1. I will be doing some of these with my kiddos, and already made an ice cream-themed bin. We'll be reading the creation story in Genesis soon and I'll be doing one on the seven days of creation.

    Here is a link to other ideas: (scroll down to see the list).

    1. Karia,

      Thank you for checking out my post. Also for the link for more ideas!

      Hope you come back again.

  2. these are great! i was a pre-school teacher before i had kids and we always had different sensory play things. great idea. thank you for linking!! I am pinning this for Look What We Did!!

    Also, I am your newest follower...please check out my blog when you get a chance!

    1. Theresa,

      Welcome new follower!!! I love seeing that in a comment! I will heading over to your's as well since you were a teacher - I bet you have tons of cool ideas!!

      Take care!

  3. I love the sensory boxes. I try to change ours out every few weeks.

    1. Dawn,

      They are really fun and easy to change out for holidays and seasons and for really no reason at all!!!

      Hope you come back again.

  4. I don't have any ideas for your next themed box but will definitely be "borrowing" your ideas and making these for my son. He's about to be a big brother and will need some new things to play with when I'm busy with baby.

  5. Melanie,
    Congratulations on your upcoming newest addition! Yes, these boxes really keep them busy. Let me know your ideas that you come up with - always looking to change mine up as well!


  6. I have to try them, thanks for sharing

  7. Love the ocean theme. Great idea! How about space for a theme? Rockets, stars, planets, etc?

    I pinned this on Pinterest and I'm a new blog follower, too.

  8. I love how you used rocks for your sensory bins. My son is always collecting rocks, so this would be a great use for them!

    Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. :)

  9. Trisha,

    The bins are a great way to "contain" all of the little rocks and treasures that the kids find. They are not all scattered around in the house and yet, they can still have them and play with them.

    Thanks for following!
    Alison :)

  10. I made a sensory box with dyed rice. My son loves digging in it and filling containers and play cooking. Here is the link if you want to check it out sometime:

  11. Such a great idea. I love the rocks - they look brilliant. Perfect for construction toys.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase

  12. I have just come across your blog and just LOVE these sensory boxes! As an Occupational Therapist, I'm always looking for great play ideas for my kids and the kids I work with. Will be heading to the $2 shop with my kids tomorrow! Thanks Diana

  13. Wow - I totally need to do sensory play with my children! Thank you for the awesome ideas. I can't wait to go out and find some rocks!! I know my kids will get hours of fun out of this!



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