Sunday, August 14, 2011

Organizing Children's Books

Earlier this year I noticed something so key. 
How I never noticed it with my oldest is beyond me....

My youngest son who can't read yet was picking out his bedtime books.
He was standing in front of his bookcase and pulling each one out to look at the front.
After looking at the cover, he would push it back in, lay it on the floor,
or choose it to be read.

I then realized that for "pre-readers" setting up their books
like a library wasn't working.

They can't read the title on the spine.
They want to see the cover to know what it's about.

So I went to Target and found these cute and sturdy fabric baskets.

Now he sits in front of them and flips through them choosing what he wants to read.

The basket on the left holds our books.
The one on the right holds the library books.
For the most part, it stays like this.

Confession:  I am a library junkie.  We go there at least once a week.
I have a huge basket that I lug in with us and fill it to the top.
Go support your local library!!!

I try to rotate our own books out every week or two,
especially around the season or upcoming holiday.

stays out all year long.
Fabulous book given to my boys by my very best friend.
If you haven't read it to your kids - Go get it!!!

Give this a try with your kids -
I'm sure both of you will love it!!


  1. Roseanna DensmoreJune 15, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    Have to comment on the library book thing. We usually have our limit checked out (40 something), but found that our library bag was way too heavy for anyone to carry. We tried backpacks for the kids and a bag for me, but still-really heavy. Then I saw a really smart mom on one of our library trips. She was using a large suitcase with wheels and a handle. It works much better for us library lovers. Plus, you get to use your suitcase that would normally be collecting dust in a closet/attic space. And my back says, "Thanks for working smarter."

  2. Roseanna,

    What a great idea! I'm sure it is a lot easier on the back. Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Hi Alison, Thanks for this idea. It makes sense to put them in a basket so they can see the covers! I LOVE to read and it has carried over with my kids. It's funny, but I also got a basket from Target as well for library books in the car. The kids love to go through them and read while we are driving around town :)

    1. Kathy,
      That is a good idea to keep a stash of them in the car as well. I must get another basket to do that! Thanks for the idea!

      Have a great day and thank you for following the blog!

  4. I read this post and glanced over at my bookshelf - I can totally do this. What a great idea. I have a box I got with my Avon order yesterday...I think I'll decorate it today and redo the kids' bookshelf. They love books! I never thought about the visual aspect of organizing them. Thank you for this very insightful post.



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