Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Some days seem too fast

When it gets like this, I take the boys for a walk.  

Most times, along with our water bottles, we take binoculars, pads and pencils
to take notes or draw pictures of our discoveries.

When we start out, the boys are running and very loud,
full of energy
but after a time
the only sounds you hear
are footsteps and breathing

I love our farm
Its so easy to disconnect

To step away from it all -
It calms the soul for all of us

I love my walks with the boys
Sometimes I get sentimental about them

How much longer will they want to take walks with me?
Look at how small their footprints are....
Watch how they stare in amazement at ants crossing a path....
He actually took my hand to hold....

It is a season isn't it?

Most days, I try to remember that fact.
On some days it harder than others to keep that in mind.

When we are having a day like that, I take them for a walk. 
I know its time to slow down - all of us.

To explore,
To discover,

To be still
To be present
To calm
To simplify

To remember that it is only a season

So I enjoy every walk......


  1. You are such a creative writer. This is my favorite Post yet! LOVE IT!!

    1. SB,

      You have to say that - we've been BFF's since middle school :) and you're the godmother of my kids.


  2. Your little piece of heaven looks lovely. A beautiful place to take a break, breathe and enjoy little hands on walks!

    1. Cherie,

      Thank you for checking out my blog. We are very blessed with a lovely farm - not only as an occupation, but as a wonderful environment to raise a family.

      Hope you will come back again.

  3. I recently had a nice long walk with my 21-year-old son. He had his period when he was no longer interested in walks, but I love how he now jumps at the opportunity.
    Thank you for sharing. Looks like you have a beautiful home.



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