Sunday, August 28, 2011

To all of the 80's girls out there....

I had a sad, sad day this past spring.

My beloved Sony Sport Walkman died. 

Yes, I know you had one too.
I'm not much for modern technology with all of the Ipods, Ipads, MP3, etc..

I was a closet Walkman girl.
Yes, I just admitted that publicly.

Anyway, after much pleading with the darn thing,
I finally gave it up and tossed it.
I figured I would go through my cassette tapes as well.

And, yes again, I had quite a collection that I had been moving around
with me from place to place for the past 25 years.

Funny how you can look at the cover and remember
all of the songs and lyrics.
You remember your friends and hear the singing at sleepovers.

Some of my favorites:

Ultimate Bon Jovi classic
(actually have this CD in the car and the boys like to listen
to it REALLY LOUD!!)
They must get that from me :)

Men at Work:
Thought they were so cool.
"I come from a land down under......"

I secretly wanted to be a Go-Go. 

Oh my, was I in love with John Taylor!!!

When George Michael hit the scene.

I think this one was warped from playing Billy Jean and
Thriller about a thousand times.

Another classic.
My mother wouldn't let me see the movie though -
she had heard from her friends that it was "vulgar."
I honestly didn't see it until I was in college.....

I also found a bunch of "mix" tapes.
Remember when we had a "boombox" and would
wait for the radio station to play our favorite song
and then press "Record & Play" at the same time???

They were the perfect gift for your boyfriend -
whoever you were "going with" at the time. 

So, I caved in and got a Shuffle.
I do like it - but I have a feeling that I'll have an
80's list on it. 

Oh, the end of an era.


  1. love this! i had the same sony walkman! i loved slippery when wet and purple rain! and i danced in a dance recital to wham! "wake me up before you go go"...oh and the go-go's...who doesn't love the go-go's!!!

    great post!!

    i am not much of a tech person either, i like things simple...still don't have a fancy phone :-)

    1. Theresa,

      Hi fellow 80's dance recital was to Thriller. I, too, wanted to be a Go-Go!!

      Thanks for following my blog!



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