Thursday, September 8, 2011

My New Fall Wreath

I love fall.
It is my all time favorite season.

Here is my new wreath I made last week
for my back door off the screened porch.

This is what I bought at the craft store:

20 yards of orange Deco Mesh Fabric   $9.59
20 yards of brown metallic Deco Mesh Fabric  $9.59
(these were both on sale for 40% off)
18 inch wire wreath   $3.99
floral wire  $2.27

I bunched the orange fabric and looped and secured it
with wire all around the wreath using the entire 20 yards.
I did the same with the brown metallic fabric but
looped it opposite so it looked even
(also using the entire 20 yards.)

I found these cute little guys

on sale last year in the clearance section of the Dollar Store
but a buck!

I secured them in with wire and fluffed the mesh fabric!

There you go!! 
Cute and easy
for only $26.44!!

Also, check out this cute Halloween wreath -
that may be my next project!!


  1. Hello, Alison~
    What a cute idea! I think you are as excited for fall as I am :)

  2. Melissa,

    Yes I am!! Love your blog....tons of great ideas!



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