Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Battery Organization

It seems to always happen.  During a birthday party, Christmas morning, late in the evening after you've just returned from the store......you need a battery.  You dig in the junk drawers / bins....you need three AAA, but only find a few AA and a D.  UGGHH!  (Confession:  Previously, I've have been known to take those out of "less played with toys" / remotes / battery operated Swifter / etc... to put into new toys.)  


Enough!!  I came across these cute three drawer containers at Target - perfect size to hold a good number of batteries and yet small enough to store with my "stock" shelves above my washer and dryer. 

7 inches wide

7 inches tall

My favorite drawer is the "speciality" drawer.  If I'm going to the drugstore / Walmart for a watch battery - buy two or three and save a trip.  If your kids have a special toy or musical book - do the same!!  Garage door openers / keychain remotes for cars.......Saves time and gas.

The other drawers are the basic battery sizes "AAA", "AA", "9V", "C", "D" - the drawers are clear to I can easily "inventory" if I'm making a run to a "bulk" store to stock up or if I see a good sale and / or coupon.

Its a very basic idea - but honestly, one of my favorite "conveniences" in my house :)  I feel if I can solve one "headache" at a time in my house, I'm a much better more patient wife and mother.


  1. This is great. It's the little things that make all the difference!


    1. Yes it does - thanks Jen. I love your blog - true inspiration.

  2. Thank you for your post on battery organization. I read it from a link from The Happy Housewife. I have all my batteries in an old cute metal breadbox, but every time I want to find out if I need any batteries before I run out, I have to take them ALL out of the breadbox because I can't tell what size of w hat I ha ve...your clear box organization is great. When I can find something like this cheap I will do it & have to think of something else to use the breadbox for since it's too cute to put away. Thanks!!

  3. I love this idea. Mine are all in one container and we always have to dig through to see if we have the right size. This way we can tell at a glance what we need to replace. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Brilliant! Thank you for this post. I have just cleaned out my junk drawer under my microwave. Next are the storage cabinets above my washer and dryer. Just need to decide where to put the batteries. The newly cleaned out junk drawer is more accesible to my kids so......Believe it or not, that junk drawer took me 2 whole days to go through, now it only holds 3 items!! Plenty of room for trays to hold batteries if necessary.


  5. Great idea! I can't believe I didn't think of this; I use these drawer for so many things in our homeschool; never thought of using them for batteries!! I'm currently using this tackle box storage thing I got at Walmart that is much too small. We have a big family and I buy batteries in bulk, so I need a good amount of storage for them. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sarah,
      Those drawers are great - can be used for so many things!! I had used a tackle box, but like you, buy in bulk and needed some more space. Hope it works for you - please let me know!!




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