Monday, July 11, 2011

A Starting Point

I am starting this blog for several reasons.  First, I am starting to hear "Oh, that is such a good idea - you should write a blog" more and more.  Second, I feel that I need a creative outlet at this point in my life and finally, I have always been so intimidated by the "blogging world" that I almost have "dared" myself into it.

There are many things that this blog will cover.  Mainly, I am truly obsessed with organizing.  I am that kind of girl that watches Clean House and Hoarders just for ideas.  The idea to purge a closet and label the remaining items thrills me.  So a lot of it will deal with house organization and simplifying. 

I also have lots of cleaning ideas and recipes for making your own cleaners.  I have a "House Binder" and cleaning schedule notebook which I will discuss. 

I'm sure my everyday life with hubby and kids will make their share of post entries as well.  That is my main job and I take being a housewife and stay at home mommy very seriously.

As a bonus,  I will be sharing many "farm favorite" recipes from my kitchen.  My husband is a fifth generation farmer and I am a converted city girl turned farmer's wife who loves living on a farm.

I hope my ideas and suggestions will make your life easier, more organized, less chaotic and simplified so you may enjoy the little things more :)  

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