Thursday, August 18, 2011

Organizing Your Child's Artwork

Its all beautiful,
of course, because our children made it.
We know we can't keep it all, so I came up with a
solution for the keepers and "non-keepers."

I have a rotating art gallery in my kitchen and in the playroom.

I have large windows in my kitchen.

 I simply punch a hole in the artwork and
use a hook suction cup and ......

there you go!

I especially love it when the kids do "holiday themed" artwork
because it makes the room look so festive - I can get away with
minimal decorations in my kitchen for Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc...

Very easy to do and they feel special that their pieces
are on "display."
Especially when we have company over for dinner -
it makes for a flattering topic of conversation for them.

Upstairs, I did something similar.  With tacks and ribbon, I made
a display place for our Alphabet cards and a place
for them to hang more artwork underneath. 

You can use regular wooden clothespins or cute ones like these.
(I found on the World Market website)

Aren't they adorable??

These two places help keep all of the art pieces under control.

When my oldest comes home with new artwork, he simply
removes the ones he's tired of looking at - either in the kitchen or in the playroom
and replaces it with the new pictures.

Then I can come behind him, guilt free, and keep my "true" favorites
I mean guilt free because every piece has been displayed and enjoyed by our family
and guests. 

Note: The extra special ones, I make note of the grade / year and have them
laminated.  With the expense - I only do the VERY SPECIAL ones.

I hope this gives you new ideas for your artwork gallery in your home.


  1. I love the idea of using the suction cups on the window! So smart.

  2. Melissa,

    The suctions cups work well because I can take them off in a snap if I need a change in decor.

  3. Displaying their art on the windows is such a great idea. I also love how it's your kids' responsibility for rotating out the art.

    Thanks for sharing at The Sunday Showcase. I've pinned this to our feature board. :)

  4. Trish,

    Thank you for your kind words and for pinning this to your feature board. I'm heading over there right now to check out some new ideas!

    Alison :)



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