Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Simple Reminder

I am fortunate to have a second 
washer and dryer in the garage.
This makes doing hubby's farm clothes a lot easier
since I can keep them all separate from the rest of the household's clothes.

The only problem is that I can't hear the dryer buzzer while I'm in the house.
I usually remember that I had put a load in as I roll into bed at 10pm.
By then, of course, everything is all wrinkled - and I don't do ironing
if I can help it.

Problem solved:

This is my little blue ribbon.

She lives here -

in the kitchen drawer directly beneath her perch right by the door.

When I come in from the garage, either starting a wash load 
or putting clothes in the dryer, 
I hang my little blue ribbon up.

Like all housewives, I pretty much live in my kitchen area,
so I can see it and it reminds me that 
clothes will need my attention.

I sometimes use it even for the inside washer and dryer.
If the boys are being extra loud that day and if the door
to the laundry room is closed - I may miss the buzzer.

So, the little blue ribbon = "clothes are in progress."

Easy fix to a nagging problem.  

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