Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cloth Napkins

I have been back and forth with paper vs. cloth napkins for a while now.  Well, I just decided - that's it - I'm doing it.  Something about cloth makes me feel happy - makes me feel grown up - makes me smile during a meal - so why not??

I found two "older" sets (ones that aren't fancy ones for company) and put them in a basket on my lazy Susan.  (By the way - definitely one of my favorite things in my house - the lazy Susan on my kitchen table.  I special ordered it with strange looks from hubby....shhh...he loves it now too.  I think he purposely asks to be passed something just so he can spin it.)

ANYWAY, I don't sew - not a stitch.  I can do buttons and maybe fix a short hem (that would not be in an obvious place on a garment.  So, I found some CUTE flannel napkins on an Etsy store called Cottage Mom.  I have to say, I'm in love.  Check them out...........

How cute are these???

Don't you just love the colors???

I especially love the birds :)

 Now I smile when I set the table.  Very mix - matchy !  Love it.  

Also, I am in no way profiting for any purchases from Cottage Mom.  I did buy these napkins full price, however, I am so impressed with them that I wanted to share such a wonderful "find."

I would love to hear if you've had the battle in your house cloth vs. paper.  Who won???


  1. We use all cloth napkins. I bought a bunch of colorful hankies at the feed store and those are what we use. I figure I already have a ton of laundry so a couple napkins thrown in aren't going to make much of a difference!

    1. I totally agree with the laundry comment. :)



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