Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Slowing down to play farm

Usually after my youngest rides in the tractor with hubby,
we come home to set up our own farm.  
HOURS we are talking about here!!!

I keep reminding myself to soak it all in for its only a season
and soon he won't want to do this anymore.

Sometimes I ask, how was plowing?  Fine.  What did you and Daddy talk about?  Stuff.  What kind of stuff?  Boy stuff.  Like what?  Never mind.     

Wow - he's learning early!  

I also love listening to him talk to his tractors or animals.  So many things he copies from what he's heard Daddy say.  "Tractor broke - going to cost a lot to fix."  "Wish it would rain - too dry."  etc.....  too funny!

Lay on the floor and play with your young ones today - soon they won't be so young!

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