Saturday, July 21, 2012

One HOT day!!

For the past couple of weeks, we've had really hot weather.  Staying around 100 degrees - too hot for me and the boys to go outside.  I am not a hot weather person at all - give me snow any day!  My sons are the same way. 

My oldest has been at camp all week, so my youngest has been "bored" and wanting a playmate all of the time.  

OK - think, think, think.....I have laundry, cleaning and a list of other stuff to do.......

Here!  Let's play with bubbles in the sink........

First, he gave some of his tractors a bath!

 Tupperware lids make GREAT Lilly pads.......

He was content for over an hour......and I got the majority of my "list" done.

We had just come back in from filling the "ever evaporating" bird baths - note the sweaty hair and red face!

This is his token "hot outside" attire - a really BIG Angry Bird shirt and undies!  ALL DAY LONG

What has your family been up to during these hot summer days??

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